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Audio-Reader received an update regarding changes in funding from the University. Click here for more info

Friends of Audio Reader

As you may know, the University of Kansas has made the decision to phase out its direct financial support to Audio-Reader over the next three years. Due to these significant budget cuts, Audio-Reader must make changes to save costs. One of the cost-saving measures we are implementing is an online/e-newsletter instead of our traditional Airwaves print newsletter that was distributed twice a year. We will now feature smaller, more frequent e-newsletters and feature this “Friends of Audio-Reader” page on our website where we recognize donors, volunteers, businesses and other supporters of Audio-Reader.

Thank you for your patience as we transition to a new format. Audio-Reader has been a lead in audio information services for over 47 years, and we are confident that with your ongoing support we will continue to provide award-winning services to thousands of listeners every day well into the future.

As a special thank you to all donors whoes contributions have supported the work and mission of Audio-Reader, we have put together this list to show our appreciation. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all very much. 

Donor List

This list reflects only those donations received between April 1, 2018 - September 30, 2018


The Ethel & Raymond Rice Foundation
Fairlawn Plaza Shopping Center
Fry Eye Associates, P.A.
Hallmark Cards, Inc.
Kansas City Society of Ophthalmology
Kansas Lions Sight Foundation, Inc.
Kansas Optometric Association
Kansas Public Radio
KCUR Public Media
Kresie and Penzler, M.D.'s, P.A. Ophthalmology
Lawrence Memorial Hospital
Leavenworth Lions Clulb
Lied Center
McDaniel Knutson Financial Partners
Overland Park Host Lions Club
Retina Associates, P.A.
Sedalia Lions Club
Starlight Theatre

Benefactors ($1,000+)

ADA Fundraising & Auction Merchandise Source LLC
Tracy Harrison & Victor Peterson
Lawrence Lions Club
Thomas Mendell
Missouri Lions District 26-M4
David Pierson
Kathy Sanders
Topeka Lions Foundation
Beverley & George Wilson

Broadcasters ($500+)

ABC Foundation
A. Arnold of Kansas City
Dipasis Bhadra
Robert & Sheryl Jacobs
Kansas Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc.
Lawrence Family Practice Center
Lawrence Tae-Kwon-Do LLC
Barry Lee
Lenexa Lions Club
Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company
Mark & Sandra Praeger
Cathy Reinhardt & Norman St. Laurent
Suzanne Sherr
Scott Weatherwax

Directors Club ($300+)

Mary Boyce
Donald & Eileen Braker
Central United Methodist Church
Nora Clark
Charles & Erma Fisher
Girard Lions Club
Carl Graves
Janis Brown Hutchison
KBS Constructors, Inc.
Thomas & Melinda Kearney
Linwood Lions Club
The Norton Family
On the Border
Stephens Insurance, Inc.
Topeka Area Continuity of Care
William Westerbeke

Producers ($150+)

Arkansas City Lions Club
Nicole Banman
Phillip Barrett
Butch Batman
Robert & Margaret Bearse
Kent Beisner
BG Consultants, Inc.
Robert Bowerman
Boyer & Corporon Wealth Management, LLC
Judith Calhoun
Capital City Bank
Capitol Federal Savings
Harley & Jerree Catlin
Eric Clark
College Hill Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electrical, Inc.
Mike Corcoran
Susan Craig
Ruby Ducate
Financial Designs, Inc.
Richard & Jani K. Flynn
Dale* & Connie Friesen
Groovewasher LLC
Sarah Haavik & Karl Altman
Robert & Lois Hanzlik
Robert & Mary Hartley
Larry & Ruthie Hatfield
Howard Hildenbrand
Eric Huerter
Laurence & Jaime Keating
Steven Koger
Lake Winnebago Lions Club
Thomas Lang
Linda Lang
Lawrence Pediatric Dentistry, LLC
Lindsborg Lions Club
Helen Martin
Max & Nelda Mayse
MDVIP, Inc. Doctors Dillon, Kennedy & Huerter
Michael P. Rack, D.D.S., P.A.
Wayne Morris
Julie Mulvihill & Jeffrey Smith
Anthony & Karen Mynsted
Jennifer & David Nigro
Reser's Fine Foods Inc.
Vickie & Tony Roush
Diane Sadowski
George & Terry Smith
Jane Tedder
Ellie Unruh
Christie Van Dyk
Kurt & Pennie von Achen
Kent & Janet Wellish
Mike & Maggie Wood

Sponsors ($50+)

Gary & Elois Allan
Megan & Dennis Allin
Marilyn Asklund
Randolph Austin
Bank Midwest
Adrienne Moore Baxter
Stephen & Terry Betzen
Kevin & Deborah Boatright
Darrell & Rebecca Brock
Sharon Burton Brown
Patricia Campbell
Robert Campbell
Chanute Lions Club
Mary Chapman
Joanne & Robert Coffeen
Nancy Colyer & Ben Cobb
Ric Cummins & Mary Mortensen
Stanley & Alice Jo De Fries
Michael & Maxine Denniston
Robert Dey
Nancy Dietze
John Duff
Bernice Duletski
Patty Kilkenny & Leslie Elkins
Albert & Deborah Elser
Emporia Noon Lions Club
F. Walter Kihm, Public Accountant, LLC
First National Bank
Free State Dental
Randal & Linda Fyler
Garnett Lions Club
Webster & Joan Golden
Cristi Virginia Hansen
J. J. Harrington
James Helton
David Hentges
Michael Hertling
Hiawatha Lions Club
Kristi & James Jewell
Jewish Community Women
Don & Alice Ann Johnston
Faye Olmsted Jones
Calvin & Janice Karlin
Anita Kelley
Michael Kelly
Robert Kerr
Meredith & Anthony Lang
Lawrence Delta Zeta Alumnae
Bonnie Lee
Gary & Celeste Leonardi
Lions Club of Peculiar, Inc.
Amanda Loughlin
Louisburg Lions Club
Linda & John Lungstrum
Jerry & Janet Magnuson
Frank Male Sr.
Gayle Matchett
Melinda & Dennis Maygers
Sandra McKenzie
Robert Melton & Victor Cardell
Minuteman Press
Jim Moore
Susan & Gerd Murphy
Daniel & Connie Neuenswander
Janice Nicklaus
John & Katy Nitcher
David & Sara O'Connell
John Head and Lucia Orth Head
Lois Orth-Lopes
Judy Paley
Sandra Patti
Duane Patton
Cindy & Craig Penzler
Barbara Bowman Pitner
Ron & Maggie Poindexter
Floyd Preston
Angela Puckett
Kelly Rector
William Reichmeier
Ron & Roberta Renz
Karen Roberts
Barbara Robison
Phillip Roush
David & Janet Schaaf
Darcy Schild
Scotch Industries, Inc.
Scott City Lions Club
Carol Shankel
Steve Munch
Jack Shriver
Stan & Jan Shumway
Dale Slusser & Sherry Fowler
Socially Active Seniors
James & Kristine Sterbenz
Curtis Strum
Matthew Suggs & Feloniz Lovato-Winston
Craig Sweets
Jeanine Tiemann
John Towner
Valley Falls Lions Club
Ventura Club
Heather Austin Volman
Cheryl Wagner
Alta Walter
Don & Elaine Webb
Marie Whitacre
Steven Whitfield
Stanley & Susan Wilch
Jane Wild
Mike Wildgen
Cheryl Wonnell
Eleanor Woodyard
Kimi Worstell-Laabs
Stan & Lois Zaremba

Friends (up to $50)

Kurt Aikins
Christy Allie
Altrusa International of Lawrence
David A. Ambler & Mary Kate Ambler
Atchison Lions Club
Philip & Jill Baringer
Betty Baron
Lillian & Jon Barth
Jane & Rich Bireta
Margaret Bishop
Diane & Jim Carnell
Ron Challacombe
Thomasa Cisneros
Brenda Clary
Susan Elkins & Jack Winerock
Angela & Jim Evers
Ann Fiatte
Bruce Frey & Bonnie Johnson
Phillip Friedeman & Patricia Friedeman
Richard Gier
Bill Hamilton
Darrin Heriford
Robert Heriford
Doris Hockenberger
Rosemary Kaploe
Nancy Kelley
Jill & Mark LaPoint
Roseann Levine
Gordon Longabach
Mary Loveland
Fred & Dinah Lovitch
Janet Majure
Jill Mignacca
Miriam & Jerry Nelson
Paola Lions Club
Ann Phemister
Michelle & Brian Powell
Kimberly Radell
Sally Reece
Roxanne & Paul Reith
Donna & Harold Riehm
Robert Roberts
Ann Robison
Jo T. Rosa-Molinar
Jan & Stan Roth
Amanda Sanders
Susan & Roger Schmitt
Linda Sher
David Simmons
Marjorie Smith
Dona Snead
Dennis & Delores Sooby
Rita Sooby
James & Jean Stokes
Cherie Tapahonso
Mary Sue Thomas
Ryan Waggoner & Lauren Cunningham
Ray Wilbur & Marian Wilbur

Petey Cerf Legacy Society

*denotes deceased

Mae S. Allen*
Anonymous (x6)
Anna Ballard “Petey” Cerf*
Randoph G. Austin
Janet and Richard Campbell
Sarah J. Cohen*
William A. Dann
Frank and Edna Day
Thomas P. Doyle*
Marjorie Elliott*
Gladys Fredrick Burge*
Diana Seely Frederick
Lela Freienmuth*
Sara W. Gee*
Carl Graves
Phyllis J. Henney*
Margaret E. Herynk*
Jake Irvine*
J. Archie King*
Elsie Mae Luthey*
Wilma R. Miller*
Elwin J. Reynolds*
Elaine N. Roberts
Richard J. Schoeck*
Mildred O. Swendson*
Jane A. Tedder
Ralph Turner*
William R.* & Jean Van Lew
 Jerry Vogel*
Mildred L. Wittick*
Lee Young*

Bricks for the Sensory Garden

Sally Ray
“Life is a Journey” – RWE

Heather Volman

Maggie Carttar
25 Year A-R Volunteer

Stan and Jan Shumway

Delores Moore
Loves this Garden!

Adrienne Moore Baxter


Maggie Carttar Memorial
Gary and Elois Allan
Megan and Dennis Allin
David and Mary Kate Ambler
Jon and Lillian Barth
Rich and Jane Bireta
Brenda Clary
Bernice Duletski
Leslie Elkins
Angela Evers
Rev. Phillip and Patricia Friedeman
Linda and Randal Fyler
Robert and Mary Hartley
Kristi and James Jewell
Meredith and Anthony Lang
Lois and Steve Lopes
Mary Loveland
John and Linda Lungstrum
Janet Majure
Helen Martin
Gayle Matchett
Sandra McKenzie
Miriam and Jerry Nelson
Daniel and Connie Neuenswander
Janice Nicklaus
Jennifer Nigro
John and Katy Nitcher
Lucia Orth and John Head
Sandra Patti
Barbara Pitner
Angela Puckett
Cathy Reinhardt and Norman St. Laurent
Roxanne and Paul Reith
Harold and Donna Riehm
Karen Roberts
Barbara Robinson
Barbara Robison
Stan and Janet Roth
Kathy Sanders
Susan and Roger Schmitt
Marjorie Smith
Dona Snead
Delores and Dennis Sooby
Rita Sooby
Marian and Ray Wilbur
Mike and Linda Wildgen
Lois and Stanley Zaremba

Donations In Memory Of:

WB and Lou Ella Asklund
Marilyn Asklund

Dean S. Bishop
Margaret Bishop

Lee Boyles
Mary Chapman

Anne Ballard “Petey” Cerf
ABC Foundation

Jim Claussen
Sally Reece

Lee H Boyles, an Honest Businessman
Mary Chapman

Ruth Davis
Ron and Joyce Virtue

Joe Hewitt
Robert Melton and Victor Cardell

Lucky Hostetter
Stanley and Alice Jo De Fries

Rose Mary Hurst
Roseann Levine

Mary Karhut
Elaine Webb

Wilbur G. Leonard
Nancy Dietze

Mark Longabach
Lt Col Gordon Longabach, Ret

John Nixon
Cheryl Wagner

Flora Ott
Ryan Waggoner and Lauren Cunningham

Travis Reichman
Marie Whitacre

Rosalie Talley, Audio-Reader
Bonnie Lee

John Trinkl
Jennifer and David Nigro

Ethelda Wilch
Stanley Wilch

George Woodyard
Eleanor Woodyard

Lee Young
Jen and Dave Nigro

Donations In Honor Of:

Randy Austin
Julie Mulvihill

Development Committee
Janis Hutchison

Claude L. Moore
Adrienne Baxter Moore

Jen Nigro
Betty Baron

Jen Nigro
Robert Campbell

Rachel Terkildsen, Children’s Sunday School Teacher
Central United Methodist Church Children’s Sunday School Class

Bob Shadburn
Howard and Mary Thomas

Bev Wilson
Suzanne Sherr



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