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The Audio-Reader Network provides a radio reading service for anyone who has difficulty reading printed material. Coverage includes Kansas, western Missouri, and limited areas of Oklahoma, Colorado and Arkansas. The signal is transmitted to the listener as a hidden carrier on a standard FM radio station or through local cable TV service. Some cable systems provide a signal that can be heard by hooking the cable up to an FM radio or stereo, but in most cases a special radio receiver is required. The radio is loaned to the listener for as long as there is a need, and there is no charge for service. (If a cable hookup is required, the listener may have to subscribe and pay for local cable service.)

The Audio-Reader signal is available worldwide on the Internet. Our radio signal is presented as a multi-rate RealAudio stream. The weekday readings of USA Today are available for listening or download, starting about 9 a.m. daily, in Windows Media Player format.

The Audio-Reader signal is transmitted as a subcarrier on the signals of these FM stations:

  • KANU, Lawrence KS - 91.5
  • KANZ, Garden City KS - 91.1
  • KCKS, Concordia KS - 95.3
  • KCUR, Kansas City MO - 89.3
  • KRPS, Pittsburg KS - 89.9
  • KXCV, Maryville MO - 90.5
  • KZNA, Hill City KS - 90.5

Smoky Hills Public Television

Smoky Hills Public Television stations carry the Audio-Reader signal on the SAP (Separate Audio Program) channel. This means you can listen to Audio-Reader using almost any stereo television or VCR, by switching the audio to the SAP channel. During some PBS programs (such as "Mystery") the SAP channel will be used for audio description of the visual action, and the Audio-Reader signal will be pre-empted. Following is a list of the cities where the KOOD TV signal is available on cable, and the channel number to tune to receive it.

Agra 9
Atwood 21
Barnard 9
Bazine 9
Beloit 3
Bennington 9
Bird City 3
Bison 9
Brookville 9
Burdett 9
Burr Oak 9
Bushton 9
Cawker City 12
Chase 9
Claflin 9
Colby 3
Concordia 3
Delphos 9
Dighton 9
Dorrance 9
Downs 9
Ellinwood 2
Esbon 9
Garfield 9
Geneseo 9
Glasco 9
Glen Elder 9
Gorham 9
Grainfield 9
Great Bend 9
Grinnell 9
Hanston 9
Hays 9
Healy 3
Hill City 9
Hoisington 9
Holyrood 9
Hoxie 7
Jamestown 3
Jennings 10
Jetmore 9
Jewell 4
Kanopolis 9
Kanorado 10
Kensington 9
Kinsley 8
LaCross 9
Larned 9
Lebanon 9
Lewis 8
Lincoln 9
Lindsborg 9
Logan 22
Lorora 22
Lorora rural system 9
Lorraine 9
Lucas 9
Luray 9
McCracken 9
McDonald 9
Macksville 9
Minneapolis 9
Munjor 9
Natoma 9
Ness City 7
Norton 9
Oakley 3
Oberlin 11
Offerley 9
Osborne 9
Otis-Bison 9
Palco 9
Park 9
Phillipsburg 9
Plainville 9
Quinter 5
Randall 9
Rozel 9
Russell 5
Rush Center 9
Salina 2
Scandia 9
Schoenchen 9
Selden 9
Sharon Springs 24
Smith Center 9
St. Francis 3
St. John 22
Stafford 9
Stockton 9
Sylvan Grove 9
Tipton 9
Utica 9
Victoria 9
WaKeeney 6
Wilson 9
Winona 10
Woodston 10

Following is a list of the cities where the KSWK TV signal is available on cable, and the channel number to tune to receive it.

Cimarron 3
Copeland 3
Deerfield 15
Ensign 3
Fowler 8
Garden City 3
Healy 3
Hugoton 9
Ingalls 3
Johnson 4
Kismet 8
Lakin 16
Leoti 5
Liberal 48
Meade 23
Minneola 8
Montezuma 3
Plains 20
Satanta 20
Scott City 9
Sublette 20
Syracuse 3
Ulysses 4

In these cities, the signal is on the TV cable. In several cities, this is the only way to receive Audio-Reader. Except where specified, the cable frequency is non-standard and requires a receiver from Audio-Reader. Agreements with local cable companies vary; some charge for installation of a second cable drop to feed the Audio-Reader radio, some don't. Some charge a monthly fee for a second drop, some don't. All require you to subscribe to basic cable service.

Some other cities across the US have radio reading services which pick up the Audio-Reader signal off the Kansas Lions Sight Foundation Satellite Network and rebroadcast some programming. These include:

  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Wethersfield, Connecticut
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Des Moines, Iowa
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Jackson, Mississippi
  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Houston, Texas

If you live in or near one of these cities, you may get more details by contacting your local radio reading service.

The signal is transmitted from Lawrence Kansas via the Kansas Lions Sight Foundation Satellite Network. Private satellite dish owners will probably not be able to receive our signal, now that it's digital. However, here are the details for those who wish to try:

  • Satellite: Galaxy 4R
  • Transponder: 3C
  • Downlink: 3755.5 MHz
  • Int. Freq: 65.5 MHz
  • EIRP: 13 dBW
  • Allocated B/W: 100 kHz
  • Modulation: Digital SCPC (ComStream 64 kbps format)
  • Network ID: 10
  • Channel ID: 13

Since our broadcast is a part of an FM station's signal, you can easily find out if Audio-Reader can be received in your area by tuning in one of the stations that carry our program. If you can get a reasonably good signal on your radio, you can probably pick up Audio-Reader with one of our receivers in the same location. (Using your own portable or car radio, you won't hear the Audio-Reader signal, but you'll be picking up the same station that carries our signal.) The circles on the coverage map indicate the areas where there is a good signal, but the addition of an outside antenna on a tall pole or rooftop will greatly extend the reception area. Geographic features can also make a dead spot inside a large area with good reception.

If an external antenna is required, purchase and installation are the responsibility of the listener. If you already have a good antenna to pick up TV, it can also pick up the Audio-Reader signal as long as it's pointing in the right direction. If you must add a new antenna to pick up Audio-Reader, use a standard TV or FM radio antenna. Good units start at about $30 at Radio Shack, K-Mart, Wal-mart, etc., plus the cost of the materials for the installation.

To hear Audio-Reader, you need to be able to receive the FM station carrying the signal, or hook up to the cable system. In some cities both are available.

If you have further questions about where Audio-Reader service is available, please call 1-800-772-8898, or email to

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January 13, 2005

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