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Telephone Reader Volunteer Resources


Q: As a volunteer reader who reads from home, how do I access Telephone Reader?

1. Plug in your keypad and let it charge for two to three minutes. 
2. Dial the toll-free TR access number for your area; as soon as system answers, enter 8462 (the universal home reader code).
3. Enter your personal four-digit identification number, and then enter your four-digit security code number. 
4. Enter the publication number for the assignment you are going to read, and follow the prompts.

Q: My headset connects to Telephone Reader, but when I enter my codes, the system tells me I'm not entering my codes fast enough.

A: On the left side of your headset is a switch labeled 'T/P'. One setting is for Touch-Tone dialing, the other is for Pulse, an old-style telephone set. Your headset needs to be set to Touch-Tone, or 'T', at all times to work with Telephone Reader.

Q: I plugged in my headset and pressed the 'On-off' button on the front. Why don't I hear a dial tone?

A: These headsets draw power to operate from the telephone line. The first time (or anytime you unplug the headset for a period of time) you plug in the headset, it must charge before it can be used. Let it charge for about two minutes before pressing the 'On-off' button.

Q: I dialed in to read from home but I cannot get connected -- the system just keeps ringing and ringing. What should I do?

A: The Telephone Reader server occasionally becomes unavailable due to periodic restarts or crashes. If you find that you cannot connect to the system:

1. Hang up (press the On/Off button on your keypad). 
2. Contact Audio Reader via phone or e-mail to let us know that TR is unavailable. Call 785-864-4612 or 1-800-772-8898 to speak with an Audio-Reader staff member. You can e-mail George McCoy at (weekdays) or Billie Archer (weekends).
3. Try to connect again in about 15 minutes.
4. If you still cannot connect, wait another 5 minutes and try again. After being restarted, it takes the TR server about 10 minutes to go through startup routines and get the TR application up and running.

Q: I was recording from home and suddenly lost my connection to the system. What happened?

A: The TR server either crashed or was restarted. If this happens, wait 10-15 minutes and try to reconnect. If you got interrupted in the middle of an article, enter the four-digit number of the article you were reading and press 2 to append to the end of the article. Then press 4 to resume reading at that point and finish the article.

Q: I am no longer interested in reading for Telephone Reader. What do I do with my headset?

A: Please return your headset to Audio Reader. You can mail it to: 

Audio Reader Network 
1120 West 11th Street 
Lawrence, KS 66044

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