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Broadcasters Brunch Success!

Friday, November 8, 2019

Audio-Reader has the most amazing volunteers, and we had a great time celebrating their many years of service this October!

Chuck Fisher has been reading the Lawrence Journal World every Monday for the last 45 years. He reads in honor of his grandfather, who lost his sight towards the end of his life. 

A listener wrote in "Chuck was the very first voice I heard and listened to when I got my radio from Peggy Sampson. I really enjoy listening to him as he has a very calm, comforting andpassionate reading voice. He always interacts as if he really wants to be there and share the news of the day with the listener."

Jan Shumway wrote, on reflection of her 40 years of service to Audio-Reader: “There is a palpable sense of satisfaction in providing “sight through sound” for our listeners. This gift unites us as readers and encourages us to do our best each time we face the microphone. Resulting camaraderie brings us purpose and friendship. We are strongly supported by an encouraging staff who works every day to make lives meaningful.”

35 Years: Frank Day, Cristi Hansen and Harold & Donna Riehm
30 Years: Janis Hutchison & Stephen Smith
25 Years: Chris Miller & Carol Nauman
20 Years: Donald Braker, Carole Smith, Donna Conway, Janet Majure, Shelley Sandberg, Elinor Schroeder, Carol Beth Whalen, Beverley Wilson. 
15 Years: Kay Campbell, Hannes Combest, Helen Martin, Sarah Peters, Nathan Poell, Bruce Roberts, Joe Sweet and Gene Vollen.
10 Years: Cindy Baker, Betty Baron, Dean Bevan, Christine Bial, Jayne Boggs-Varney, Ann Cobb, Dan Compo, Lucas Houk, Aspen Junge, Mike Krings, Jenny O'Driscoll, Katie Pierron, Virginia Smith, and Doug Washburn.
5 years: Brittany Beck, Brenda Berg Dyck, Erin Bolton, Janet Campbell, Vivian Davidson, Michael Dix, Kathe Dougherty, Randal Dyck, Nadia Hamid, Mary Hamler, Nancy Hause, Lysle Holloway, Chad Johanning, Kristi Kaylo, Clark Lafever, Lori Lange, Keri Lauxman, Susan McCarthy, Don Miller, Connie Mitchell, Rachel Monger, Erin O'Neil, Jacqueline Pierce, Ann Place, Mark Praeger, Michelle Suter, Annette Tucker, Melissa Warren, Joel Wells

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