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Audio Description available at Lawrence Busker Fest 2019

Lawrence Buskerfest 2019 logoAudio-Reader is excited to partner with the 12th Annual Lawrence Buskfer Festival to provide audio description of performances on Saturday May 25th at the New Hampshire Stage - Sponsored by the Lawrence Arts Center.

This year's Busker Fest is the world's first all-female festival and volunteer describers will share the action with patrons who are blind, visually-impaired or would otherwise benefit from non-visual description of the wild antics of the Lawrence Busker Fest performers.

Audio-Description will be offered from 1:30PM to 7:30PM at the busker pitch on New Hamshire Street in front of the Lawrence Arts Center, by the downtown parking deck. Patrons will be able to check out a pair of headphones from the Audio-Reader tent near the front door of the Lawrence Arts Center. A drivers license or other form of ID will be required to borrow the headsets that will then receive the audio description, broadcast by volunteers on-site. Depending on patron demand, some headsets will be available for the general public to experience what audio description is. Information about Audio-Reader's other programs and services will be on site.

Join us at Lawrence Busker Festival 2019!

Learn more about Lawrence Busker Festival at

Schedule of Described Performances:

Saturday May 25th, 2019
900 Block of New Hampshire St, Lawrence, KS (outside the Lawrence Arts Center)

  • 1:30PM  Voler Thieves of Flight - Aerial Artists
  • 2:30PM  Cate Great - Acrobatic Juggler*
  • 3:30PM  Sara Twister - Acrobatic Archery!
  • 4:30PM  Voler Thieves of Flight - Aerial Artists
  • 5:30PM  Cate Great - Acrobatic Juggler*
  • 6:30PM  Sara Twister - Acrobatic Archery!
*Sponsored by the Downtown Lawrence, Inc.

What is Audio Description?

Audio Description uses nonvisual language to convey the visual world. It can direct a visitor through a museum, orient a listener to a work of art, or allow access to the visual aspects of a performance. The service is utilized primarily by people with vision loss, however, it can also be helpful for people with cognitive or learning disabilities, English language-learners, and people on the autism spectrum. Audio Description has also been shown to help with language development and active listening skills in children.

How Does It Work?

Patrons check out a pair of headphones on the way into the theater, and the Audio Describer broadcasts directly to the headphones. Before the show, the program is read and theater layout (including aisles, bathrooms, and exits) is described. During the performance, the describer will describe sets, costumes, gestures, facial expressions, stage action and other visual elements, without speaking over the actors.

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