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Audio-Reader's Impact in 2020

Fighting Isolation: Our Impact in 2020 by the Numbers

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Nearly one quarter of Americans aged 65 and older who live in community settings are socially isolated.

Loneliness kills. It poses a greater threat to health than obesity, and its life-shortening effects are comparable to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Data reported by the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine, and the National Association of County and City Health Officials.


Social isolation is a threat to the physical and mental health of seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Audio-Reader fights isolation by providing real voices that connect our listeners to news and information from their communities.

The familiar voice of a volunteer that cares is Audio-Reader.



A world of information: hundreds of accessible newspapers, magazines and books in 2020

A constant companion: 54 closed circuit radios distributed to new listeners

Staying connected: 11,882 calls to our Telephone Reader service

Fostering independence: 3,826 calls to our weekly grocery ads

New ways to listen: 19,474 Amazon Alexa sessions in 2020

Digital on demand: 2,591 podcast plays in 2020

Reaching out for information: 16,931 visits to our website

A mammoth effort: more than six thousand audio files uploaded by volunteer home readers in 2020


Audio-Reader served thousands of blind, visually-impaired and print-disabled individuals in 2020.

Through our radio broadcast, Amazon Alexa skill, special request program and Telephone Reader service, Audio-Reader is working every day to fight isolation and keep our listeners informed, connected and safe.


Audio-Reader: Fighting Isolation in 2020

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