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Audio Description Notes

Title Download link Date
Olate Dogs: Lied Center, April 27, 2018 Audio icon Olate Dogs.mp3 April 10, 2018
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble: Lied Center, April 17, 2018 Audio icon Hypnotic Brass ensemble.mp3 April 10, 2018
Yekwon Sunwoo: The Lied Center, April 11, 2018 Audio icon Yekwon Sunwoo.mp3 March 29, 2018
KU Jazz Ensemble I with anat Cohen: The Lied Center, April 5, 2018 Audio icon KU Jazz Ensemble with Anat Cohen.mp3 March 29, 2018
Frank Waln: The Lied Center, March 30, 2018 Audio icon Frank Waln.mp3 March 29, 2018
The Staatskapelle Weimar Orchestra of Germany: Lied Center, March 13, 2018 Audio icon Staatskapelle Weimar Orchestra.mp3 March 7, 2018
Anthony Trionfo, flute: The Lied Center, March 11, 2018 Audio icon Anthony Trionfo.mp3 March 7, 2018
Unveiled: The Lied Center, March 8, 2018 Audio icon Unveiled.mp3 March 7, 2018
Janis Siegel, with piano: The Lied Center, February 26-27, 2018 Audio icon Janis Siegel.mp3 February 23, 2018
Lillian Sengpiehl: The Lied Center, Sunday, February 25, 2018 Audio icon Lillian Sengpiehl.mp3 February 23, 2018
The Sound of Music: Lied Center, February 20, 2018 Audio icon Sound of Music.mp3 February 15, 2018
Dublin Irish Dance: Stepping Out: Lied Center, Sunday, February 18. 2018 Audio icon Dublin Irish Dance.mp3 February 6, 2018
Jersey Boys: Lied Center, Tuesday, February 13, 2018 Audio icon Jersey Boys.mp3 February 6, 2018
Becoming a Man in 127 Easy Steps: Lied Center, February 9, 2018 Audio icon Becoming a Man.mp3 January 25, 2018
Birdman Live: Lied Center, February 7, 2018 Audio icon Birdman Live.mp3 January 25, 2018
The Wizard of Oz: Lied Center, January 31, 2018 Audio icon Wizard of Oz.mp3 January 25, 2018
Moscow Festival Ballet: Cinderella: Lied Center, January 28, 2018 Audio icon Moscow Festival Ballet Cinderella.mp3 January 18, 2018
Andrea Gibson: Lied Center, January 26, 2018 Audio icon Andrea Gibson.mp3 January 18, 2018
A Charlie Brown Christmas Live on Stage: Lied Center, December 16, 2017 Audio icon Charlie Brown Christmas.mp3 November 16, 2017
Cantus: Three Tales of Christmas: Lied Center, November 29, 2017 Audio icon Cantus.mp3 November 16, 2017


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