Audio Information Service for blind, visually impaired and print-disabled individuals

Application for Service

The Audio-Reader Network is an audio information service for people who find it difficult to access the printed word. Our primary service area is Kansas and Missouri. Services are offered free of charge to anyone who is unable to read normal, printed material.

You may complete and submit the form below, or you may download the print version of the Application for Service (pdf) and mail it into 1120 West 11th Street, Lawrence, KS 66044. If you encounter difficulties with the application or have any questions, please call Audio Reader at 1-800-772-8898 for more information.

ELIGIBILITY - You are eligible for services from Audio Reader at no charge if you cannot read printed materials due to a disability. This includes Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Injury, Parkinson's Disease, Macular Degeneration and Blindness to name a few.
CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS - Please provide the name, title and phone number of a certifying authority such as a Doctor, Registered Nurse or Professional Staff of a Medical Facility or a Public or Private Agency, or an Audio Reader representative. Their signature is not required but we may contact them to verify your eligibility.
NOTIFICATION - It is important to notify Audio Reader if you change your address and/or your phone number. Updated Program Schedules will be mailed to the address we have on record.

Select the services for which you wish to apply.
Check all that apply.
To be completed by a physician, nurse, librarian, social worker, or member of a Missouri or Kansas Lions Club. This certification is required for radio reading services in order to comply with federal copyright laws.
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