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Why Your Donation Matters

Audio-Reader Listener Tammy K. Inspired by Audio Described Busker Event

[Picture is of Audio-Reader listener, Tammy K., performing an aerial move]

Audio-Reader listener Tammy didn't know what she was getting into when she put on those audio description headphones at the annual Busker Fest in downtown Lawrence on that sunny and hot Memorial Weekend in 2019. All she knew was that Audio-Reader was going to be audio describing various buskers and she wanted to check it out. This was Audio-Reader's first year describing the performances of several different buskers at the annual festival. Tammy had the opportunity to hear the description of a particular busker performing aerial moves with silks. 

"The description was so good, so well done and so captivating that I thought I have learn how to do that stuff myself!" Tammy laughed recalling her experience. The inspiration from the audio described event lead her to find out about The Last Carnival, Lawrence's only circus art school. There she decided to sign up for the Aerial Yoga class. "I'm a yoga teacher so the Aerial Yoga class seemed like a good fit for me" Tammy explained. 

In the class, which meets once a week, Tammy learns how to do poses, twists and tricks with silks. Sometimes she finds herself upside down in a new move with arms flying out. "I love to be doing different things up in the silks and hanging in funny ways" Tammy shared. She has been taking the class regularly since August of 2019. 

"This is something that has changed my life!" Tammy exclaimed when reflecting on the audio description event she attended. "I am a 61-year old performing all these aerial moves! Maybe someday you all will be audio describing me!"

YOUR support is helping Tammy and other listeners achieve things they never thought possible, through all of the services offered by Audio-Reader. Thank you for your belief in Audio-Reader's mission and for helping to support listeners like Tammy. 




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