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Vehicles for Charity

Consider donating your car to Audio-Reader!

A national program called "Vehicles for Charity" makes it easy to donate that old car, boat or motorcycle to Audio-Reader. 

Simply call the toll-free phone number (listed below) with your title in your hand. They'll come and get your car, arrange for resale, give you a receipt for your taxes, and Audio-Reader will receive 60% of the sale price! (The other 40% goes to a non-profit Colorado organization that serves the needs of disabled residents of the state.)

You can make a rough guess what your car is worth (use NADA guidesEdmunds, or the Kelley Blue Book), but the actual value will be determined when your automobile is sold. 

Due to recent changes in the tax code, your accountant can advise you about the amount you can deduct for your donated vehicle. 

To donate your car, or just to find out more, call (toll-free): 

866.628.CARS (866.628.2277)

Thanks for helping Audio-Reader share the gift of sight through sound! 

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