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Program Schedule

There have been some changes to our Broadcast Schedule in October 2019. If you cannot find the program you are looking for, please call us at (785) 864-4600 for more information. 

Here is a list of some recent changes:

  • EVERY DAY at 8:00AM, you can hear the New York Times daily newspaper, followed at 9am by the Breakfast Table Times
  • Disability Digest has moved from 10:00AM to 10:30AM MONDAY
  • The Week has moved to 10:30AM SATURDAY
  • Mail Order Catalogs can now be heard on 10:30AM WEDNESDAY
  • Senior Concerns, previously airing at 10:00AM Wednesday can now be heard at 1:00PM SUNDAY
  • The Poetry Show can now be heard at 12:30PM SUNDAY
  • At Home on the Range, normally on Thursdays can be heard at the new time of 1:30pm Sunday
  • WXXI’s Enabled program will no longer air on Audio-Reader, instead the TV Guide will be broadcast at 10:30AM FRIDAY
  • Oprah magazine will now be read at 3:00PM SATURDAY
  • On Sundays, the Breakfast Table Times repeat is moving from 1pm to 9pm Sunday night. Breakfast Table Times can now be heard every day at both 9am and 9pm
  • The African American Hour moves to 2:00PM SUNDAY, followed by Military Times at 3:00PM SUNDAY

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