Audio Information Service for blind, visually impaired and print-disabled individuals


Group 1, Newspapers

Option 1: The Kansas City Star

Option 2: National and International News

Option 3: The Wichita Eagle

Option 4: The Topeka Capitol-Journal and the Lawrence Journal World

Option 5: Alternative Press Publications

Option 6: The Kansas City Star 1-Day Archive

Option 7: USA Today and the New York Times

Option 8: Regional Kansas Newspapers

Option 9: Regional Missouri Newspapers

Group 2, Magazines

Option 11: Entertainment

Option 12: Health & Lifestyle

Option 13: Hobbies & Leisure

Option 14: Religion & Spirituality

Group 3: Listener Resources

Option 21: Grocery Store Advertisements

Option 22: Discount store ads

Option 23: Disability Awareness

Option 24: User Assistance

Group 4: Books

Option 31: Audio-Reader radio book show descriptions

Option 32: Current Audio-Reader radio book show readings

Option 33: Kansas Notable book readings

Option 34: Special Request Book Readings

Group 5: Requested Readings

Option 41: Local and Regional Interest

Option 42: National Interest

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