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Veterans Voices Writing Project

Veterans Voices Writing Project (VVWP) utilizes therapeutic writing to rehabilitate veterans.

Our Mission:

To enable military veterans to experience solace and satisfaction through our writing program.

Our Vision:

Is a world where people appreciate that writing can both heal and entertain.

The project encourages veterans to express their thoughts and feelings in writing and to send their stories, essays and poems to the VVWP headquarters for potential publication in Veterans’ Voices magazine.  The magazine is made possible by ongoing contributions to VVWP. We are thankful for circulation support to VAMCs by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

VVWP publishes Veterans’ Voices three times a year.

2020 Veterans Pen Celebration

Thank you for joining us Saturday, November 14, 2020 on Zoom for our first VIRTUAL celebration of writing as therapy. Thor Ringler, National Program Manager of the My Life, My Story Project provided the keynote.

If someone asked you to tell your life story, what would you say?

Since 2013, writers from the “My Life, My Story” project have asked more than 5,000 Veterans at VA hospitals around the United States to tell their life stories. With the Veteran’s permission, those stories go into the Veteran’s medical record so that VA health care providers can read them and get to know their patients better.

Listen to the latest reading here:

For past editions, or if you require assistance listening online or would prefer to receive these readings in another format, contact Audio Reader at 180 772 8898​

To Listen Using Lions Telephone Reader:

To listen to Veterans Voices on Telephone Reader, Dial (913) 897 8787 and enter 5887 for a six minute demo.

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