Application for Service

Audio-Reader is a free service providing audio versions of newspapers, magazines, store ads, books, and special requests for individuals with difficultly reading standard print.

For access to our services through a Closed Circuit Radio or an Amazon Echo Dot, please submit an application for service, and we will mail either a pre-tuned radio or echo dot to you.

For a paper copy of this application, click the following link to download the pdf version: Application for Service (pdf).

Completed forms can be mailed to 1120 W 11th St.; Lawrence, KS 66044 or emailed to If you have trouble using the form or would like to sign up over the phone, call Martha at 785-864-2900 or toll-free at 1-800-772-8898.

If you do not need a closed circuit radio or echo dot but would like to receive our quarterly program guide, please use the Program Signup form.