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Good Works in the Heartland Podcast

Logo for Good Works in the HearlandAudio-Reader's Good Works in the Heartland Podcast celebrates the organizations and individuals who are improving the lives of others throughout Kansas, Missouri and the Midwest.

Each episode will focus on one community group, non-profit or social service organization that provides essential services to those in need, enriching lives and connecting communities across the Midwest.

The podcast format begins with a brief profile of the featured organization, including essential information on what the group does, where they operate and how listeners can get in touch for services or additional information. The second segment includes more discussion and detail about the featured organization, their history and background, as well as news and upcoming events.


If you work with a non-profit or service organization in our region, and would like to be featured on the Good Works in the Heartland podcast, contact Lori Kesinger.

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