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Volunteer Application

Please note that Audio-Reader would like volunteers to make a minimum six-month commitment to our program.  If you are unable to do this, please let the Volunteer Coordinator know so we can take that into account when making your volunteer assignment. There may be a waiting list for the audition. The Coordinator of Volunteers will let you know the status when you apply. Please read the volunteer handbook. Thanks!

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This information is required by KU.
This information is required by KU.
Please note: All volunteers are signed up for an email distribution list through Constant Contact so we can communicate with you about holiday hours, sub openings, events, emergency information and other issues that may arise between newsletters. We will do our best to keep this communication to a minimum.
I agree to read the Volunteer Handbook and adhere to the policies and procedures outlines there. And if at any time I am unable to continue volunteering, I will alert a staff member in writing.

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