Audio Description

What is Audio Description?

From American Council of the Blind:

Audio Description aims to bring more meaning and enjoyment to entertainment, cultural, and educational experiences for blind and visually impaired people by providing information that a sighted person would access visually. The key is making imagery accessible. It’s used to enhance movies, television, media, theater and other live performances/events, museums, national parks, meetings, and educational programming. These visual elements can include action, costumes, settings, facial gestures, facial expressions and other visually important images.

The Audio Description Project 

The mission of the American Council of the Blind's (ACB) Audio Description Project (ADP) is to promote and advocate for the use of high-quality Audio Description in television, movies, performing arts, museums, educational materials and other venues where the presentation of visual media is critical to the understanding and appreciation of the content.  Our goals are to sponsor a broad range of activities designed to build awareness of audio description among the general public as well as its principal users, people who are blind or have low vision. 

Find a full list of film, television, and other media with audio description on their website

How Does Live Audio Description Work?

Patrons check out a pair of headphones on the way into the theater, and the Audio Describer broadcasts directly to the headphones. Before the show, the program is read and theater layout (including aisles, bathrooms, and exits) is described. During the performance, the describer will describe sets, costumes, gestures, facial expressions, stage action and other visual elements, without speaking over the actors.

An example of Audio Description for Children

Imagination Storybooks is a non-profit organization with the goal of reinforcing children’s core values, such as kindness and empowerment, through the creative forces of children’s book authors, illustrators, publishers, and narrators.

A Humorous Example of Audio Description

Conan O'Brien first shows a real example of audio description during a comedy show and then plays a comical version of audio description for a clip from his travel show.

Audio-Reader Audio Description

Audio-Reader provides trained Audio Describers for live events in Kansas City, Lawrence, and Topeka. The service is utilized primarily by people with vision loss; however, it can also be helpful for people with cognitive or learning disabilities, English language-learners, and people on the autism spectrum. Audio Description has also been shown to help with language development and active listening skills in children!

Upcoming Described Performances are listed on:

To request new or additional showings, contact your local theater:

Theatre Lawrence 

Location information: 4660 Bauer Farm Drive, Lawrence, KS
Box Office: 785-843-7469

The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

Location information: 1601 Broadway Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64108
Box Office: 816-994-7222

Starlight Theater

Location information: 4600 Starlight Road, Kansas City, MO
Box Office: 816-363-7827

The Coterie Theatre at Crown Center

Location information: 2450 Grand Blvd, Suite 144; Kansas City, MO 64108-2520
Tickets: 816-474-6552 or visit their website.

The Lied Center

Location information: 1600 Stewart Drive, Lawrence, KS
Box Office: 785-864-2787

KCRep at the Spencer Theater

Location information: 4949 Cherry St, Kansas City, MO 64110
Box Office: +18162352700


Business Needs

Audio-Reader can help your business improve the accessibility of videos used on your website, in social media posts, and for training. For more information, call 785-864-4600.

Educational Needs 

Audio Description can be utilized for students who need access to the visual elements of classroom videos, blended learning videos, and other learning elements. For more information, call 785-864-4600.

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