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Why Your Donation Matters

Audio-Reader: Valuable Tool for Listeners 

[Audio-Reader Listener, Andrea B. of Kansas City, MO, demonstrates how she uses her closed-circuit radio]

So much of the Covid-19 pandemic has been about adapting. Adapting to wearing masks, adapting to remote working or remote learning, adapting to this new normal that was put upon everyone nearly 6 months ago. Just as so many of us have had to adapt as individuals, so has Audio-Reader. Audio-Reader has adapted to ensure our 24/7 services continue on for our listeners, during a time when news and information, especially within our own community, are of utmost importance. Our Lions Telephone Reader and Radio Broadcast services are operating at full scale with over 150 volunteers reading from home. We continue to make over two dozen local, regional and national publications accessible to thousands of listeners on a daily basis. Our radio broadcast has continued without interruptions because of over 50 volunteers who have set up digital home recording studios and we continue to reach new listeners each and every day. None of this would be possible without the generous support from donors like you.

Audio-Reader listener Andrea B. from Kansas City, MO. is well versed in adaptability. With a career working for Missouri Assistive Technology, she is very familiar with Audio-Reader and in fact, educates others about our service and how it can impact their life. “Audio-Reader has always been there and I try and tell everyone I know about this service.” Blind since birth, Andrea shares that her success has always been about tools in the toolbox, and “Audio-Reader is the most valuable tool I have.” Once the Covid pandemic hit, Andrea listened fervently to Audio-Reader. “I listen to find out what the numbers are within my own community. I keep myself up to date on everything taking place.”

Every facet of life looks different these days but the one thing that remains consistent is Audio-Reader. Because of the generous support from friends like you, listeners like Andrea have been able to stay connected with their community, get the information they need, and find comfort in the reliability Audio-Reader offers every single day. “We (listeners) have access to something everyone else takes for granted,” Andrea closed with us.  We know the road will be long and there will be more challenges as we navigate through the pandemic. Please consider making a gift to Audio-Reader, any size donation will make a difference. As Audio-Reader approaches 50 years of service this October, we are grateful for your support that has gotten us here. And with your continued support, we will ensure Audio-Reader remains the most valuable tool in the toolbox for thousands of listeners for the next 50 years.

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