Why Your Donation Matters


Audio-Reader Goes Beyond Vision Loss

[Image is of Audio-Reader listener Kay from 2015 when she retired as Director of Library Services from Baker University]

As a career librarian, serving as the Director of Library Services at Baker University, Audio-Reader listener Kay loves and appreciates the written word. Kay believes everyone should have access to all information and her passion for lifelong learning was found amongst the pages of newspapers and the covers of books. This love of the written word runs deep in the family as both of Kay's parents volunteered for Audio-Reader. Kay's mother, Marilyn, most recently received recognition for her over 30 years of volunteer reading for Audio-Reader. 

That's why when Kay was first diagnosed with ALS, Kay's husband George and Marilyn began reading to her every day to keep her engaged and connected with her passion. As Kay's ALS progressed and her ability to communicate became more limited, her family immediately turned to Audio-Reader. "Audio-Reader keeps Kay connected to the life outside in meaningful ways. The programs fill her day with information and keep her company," George shared. Kay now uses Audio-Reader regularly since becoming a listener last year. 

Your support keeps listeners just like Kay connected with the world around them. Because of friends like you, Audio-Reader can reach thousands of listeners across Kansas, Missouri and beyond. Listeners who depend on Audio-Reader to stay informed, connected and comforted. "Audio-Reader is a gem and does so much for my daughter Kay and for so many people," Marilyn said. "Our family is so grateful for Audio-Reader."

Please consider making a donation to Audio-Reader. Your gift makes a tremendous difference in the lives of our listeners. Your support allows Audio-Reader's reach to go beyond vision loss and provide service to anyone experiencing a disability that prohibits them from accessing the written word, for free. Audio-Reader has come so far over the past 50 years because of the generous support from friends like you. As Audio-Reader embarks on its next 50 years, we thank you for your support!

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[Image is of longtime Audio-Reader volunteer and Kay's mother, Marilyn, receiving recognition for her 30+ years of service reading for Audio-Reader. Marilyn, along with Kay's husband George, were instrumental in getting Kay set up as an Audio-Reader listener in the last year.] 

[Image is of Kay Bradt, provided by her husband George, from a time before Kay moved into Assisted Living]