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“This is a great service doing great things that many people with sight don’t even consider.” - Audio-Reader Listener, Aaron O.

Listener Aaron O. was born prematurely and has lived with retinopathy of prematurity ever since. He’s undergone many surgeries since birth which gave him some vision, but reading even a paragraph or two is very challenging and uncomfortable. In high school he would pay other students to read books for him, and he searched for a few years to find another option.

Then he found Audio-Reader, “Audio-Reader has helped me get back into reading things that are interesting to me. I’ve always loved reading, but it is difficult to do for long periods of time. Audio-Reader helped me find material I never knew I needed and now can’t live without!”

Aaron’s brother wrote and self-published fan-fiction books that now sell on Amazon. Self-published books aren’t available in audible format, so he was thrilled when he found Audio-Reader and was able to enjoy his brother’s books. “Audio-Reader is now one of my main forms of entertainment and has definitely had a positive impact in my life.”

Please consider a gift today; donations of any size make a BIG difference, and 100% of your gift goes towards our mission of sharing the gift of sight through sound.

Thank You for helping Aaron and thousands of other listeners live rich and independent lives, full of meaningful and inspiring stories like his.

“Honestly, Audio-Reader is one of the best, if not the best service I have found for people who are blind or sight-impaired. Having this disability can be stressful, but Audio-Reader is so helpful to me, thank you!”

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