Radio Reading Service

Audio-Reader's original program is a Radio Reading Service for anyone who has difficulty reading standard printed material. Broadcasting 24 hours a day from studios at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Audio-Reader uses a large pool of volunteers to read daily and weekly newspapers, magazines and books, as well as news, interviews and other programs dealing with disability and aging issues.

Who may receive Audio-Reader?

Any person whose eyesight or physical condition make it difficult or impossible to read a newspaper or book may receive our broadcasts. There is no charge for service. 

How do listeners pick up Audio-Reader?

Audio-Reader is broadcast on the sub-carrier of public radio stations across Kansas and Missouri. A specially tuned radio is required to access this broadcast. The radio is loaned free of charge to all eligible individuals. Listeners receive a program guide in large print or Braille. For those outside of the reach of the FM sub-carrier, programming can be accessed by internet radios or streaming through this website. Click for the Coverage page, with a map and charts showing where Audio-Reader is available

Established in 1971, Audio-Reader was one of the first radio reading services in the world. To find other audio information services call 800-280-5325.