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2023 Annual Volunteer Appreciation Banquet

Celebrating generosity in Lawrence: Audio-Reader recognizes volunteers’

Spring & Summer Live Audio Description

If it has been a while since you spent a night out enjoying a live theater performance, then now is the time to make plans.

Audio-Reader Welcomes New Staff

As spring rolls in, it's time for both plants and Audio-Reader to grow!  In late February and early March, we welcomed two new staff members to the team. 

Audio-Reader program highlights content for Black and African American people with visual and print disabilities.

Audio-Reader Recognizes Volunteer Milestones

Lawrence - Audio-Reader Celebrates 50 Years, Recognizes Volunteer Milestones

Audio-Reader News Archive 2016-2021

Audio-Reader Celebrates 50 years Friday, October 08, 2021 LAWRENCE — On Oct.

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